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In September of 1996, Pastor Johnny A. Netterville accepted the call of the Lord to Pastor Watson United Pentecostal Church. Pastor Netterville is, God-called, God-ordained, God-sent leader of the Gospel of Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit working through Pastor, these years have been years of great spiritual and physical growth for what is now known as Pentecostals of Watson. Working alongside Pastor Netterville in the ministry is his wife, Sister Eunice A. Netterville, who is a woman who exemplifies godly character and leadership. Her strong prayer life and faith in God reflect a life of devotion to God, to the principles of His word, and to meeting the needs of people. She labors in the ministry alongside her husband. She is a teacher of Godly attributes, and a leader. God has blessed her and given her a special ministry as a prayer warrior. Her own life exemplifies the victory she unwaveringly proclaims to all who will commit themselves to the Word of God. Spiritually, Pentecostals of Watson has grown from a church with a limited ministry to one with many opportunities to learn the Word of God because of the prayers and dedication of Pastor and Sister Netterville. Pastors love and concern for the spiritual growth of Pentecostals of Watson is unwavering. Pastor Netterville is a man with a big heart, and a deep abiding compassion for all people. He is swift to help and slow to criticize. He has dedicated his life to the Gospel Ministry, ministering to the needs of the total man. In spite of all the many wonderful works he has accomplished, he is most content when he is motivating people and ministering to their needs through the Word of God. Jesus once told his disciples, "...he that is greatest among you, let him be your servant..." Based on this scripture alone, Pastor Netterville's greatness stands out when measured by his service. There is nothing more prominent than a man with a vision. There is nothing any greater than a visionary that allows himself to be led by God. Pentecostals of Watson is a church with a God fearing leader in Pastor Netterville. Dedicated to excellence, Pastor Netterville's passion to serve goes way beyond traditional and usual ways. He demonstrates the character of Christ in his everyday living and service. He exemplifies the true meaning of being a faithful servant of God.


Kenneth Stewart

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Seven years ago, September 8th, 2013 was my first service as a member of The Pentecostals of Watson.
In the past four years this is my observation of the relationship, “Together” we have developed with Jesus.

“Together” we have figured out our purpose is to enter in to a right relationship with God and to be equipped for the ministry of Jesus Christ, to make a difference in the lives of others.  We understand it is not a onetime process and it’s over with. We have been entering in to a right relationship with God repeatedly.
As a result, thanks to what we have done “together” as a church we have seen prodigal children and prodigal parents come home. We have seen bad habits that have been broken by the power of Christ. We have seen lives that once faced defeat and depression restored because Jesus gives us a second, a third, a fourth and fifth chance. We don’t have failures at The Pentecostals of Watson. We have people who are waiting to get back on track and people who have gotten back on track.

“Together” we have tried to make a difference in the lives of others. One thing about The Pentecostals of Watson is that we are willing to meet you where you are, and give you chance after chance to get back on track. You can leave us for whatever reason and come back later and discover we still want to love you because Jesus still loves you.
“Together” we have provided ministries to help us grow in a knowledge of who God is and what God wants to do in and through us. Whether we were in 21 days of prayer or in other things the goal is to learn how to love God, how to love each other, and how to serve the purposes of the kingdom of God.
“Together” we are a church of compassion. We have fed and provided for those who needed it here in our church and in our community.
“Together” in the past 7 years, we have learned it’s not about us it’s all about Jesus and the kingdom of God.
“Together” through the power of the Holy Ghost, we have been able to do some incredible ministry in touching the lives of people. In the process, we have found ourselves being touched back by the power of God. Because we have been willing to die to ourselves, we have found that God has blessed us with life in ways we could not have imagined. Even during the midst of our severe trials, God has been there for us.
“Together” we have been a light on what God can do with a small group of people who are willing to say yes to the will of God for their lives. I believe the difference has been the love we have shared as a community of believers that is firmly rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ. God anointed us and empowered us to receive anybody who comes through our doors and make them our equal.
“Together” we should simply thank God for the gift of one another, for the presence of the Holy Ghost, and for the privilege of being a part of a wonderful group of people we call The Pentecostals of Watson                                                                                                 
Co-Pastor, Rev. Kenneth Stewart


Kenneth Stewart

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